Friday, October 7, 2011

Pictures of Summer

Here are a few pictures from my summer. Enjoy!

After school ended in June, three of us took a short trip to the north of Poland (Malbork and Gdańsk).

- Malbork Castle - 

Built by the Teutonic Knights in the 13th and 14th centuries, largest castle in Europe and largest brick castle in the world.

Gdańsk old town

The end of June, I flew home to Guys Mills for two months. Here's a blurb about my summer I wrote for the  AIM newsletter. (I'm really cheating on this blog post, aren't I - pictures and an excerpt. haha)
Refreshment definitely describes my summer. It’s difficult to put into words, but I think the thing that refreshed me the most about my time in the States was what I received from my family, my friends, and my church family. To be able to drink in a church service, all in English, without being responsible to make it happen; to spend time with my family, learning to know them again; to talk with friends about our dreams, desires, and passions – these were a real gift from the Father. I felt God's grace being poured out on me, really feeding my soul.

I spent as much time as possible with my family:)
Seriously, I can't say enough how nice it was to be with them again.

In August, we spent a couple of days at my grandparents' place. We were on our way to....
North Dakota! It's flat, flat, flat with a huge sky. The few people that live there are very friendly, like the 94-year old lady with whom we stayed. This road trip was kind of the last fling together for those of us at home over the summer;  the next week, I returned to Poland and Jewel went back to Mississippi.

Aaand, Poland again! One weekend in September, I went with some friends from church to the north of Poland again. If you want to read more about the amazing weekend, my buddy Gideon wrote a good piece about it here.
Grilling sandwiches on the beach.
The Baltic Sea


  1. No comments on the blog? Bah.

    Thank you for sharing your summer, and it's good to know that you found it revitalizing. It's easy for us to forget in our action-oriented culture that we need to refresh.

    Speaking of your family, it sure would be good to see your parents and family again! Perhaps with my older brother at Faithbuilders there's a chance it will happen sometime.

    By the way, that castle is something else. Beautiful. Doesn't seem nearly as foreboding and drafty as the stone versions!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Lillian:) Yes, Summer was absolutely wonderful. Now with the holidays coming, i especially miss them. But, i have some wonderful friends here to spend time with.

    As for the castle, it was bona fide drafty; absolutely huge.